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VERB: CDC Youth Campaign

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Staff, Planning,
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Standards, Research, and Evaluation

Standards Alignment

  • Academic:
    Some of the VERB educational materials support the following academic standards.

    National Education Standards for Level II:

    Standard 7: Knows how to maintain and promote personal health.

    Physical Education
    Standard 3: Understands the benefits and costs associated with participation in physical activity.
    Standard 4: Understands how to monitor and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
    Standard 5: Understands the social and personal responsibility associated with participation in physical activity.
  • Technology:
    This resource addresses multiple standards identified in the National Educational Technology Standards for Students, which were developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). For more information about these standards, see

Research Base

The developer found that the more youth were exposed to the VERB campaign, the more physically active they were. Research publications available at the CDC Web site document these and other findings.

Studies informing the development/advancement of the resource:
A number of publications detailing the extensive research efforts, including exploratory formative research, concept and message testing, and development of a logic model, are linked at the CDC Web site:

Evaluation Details

One of the evaluations undertaken to assess the impact of the VERB campaign found increased levels of physical activity among youth and determined that using commercial advertising to promote physical activity was a promising strategy. This article, titled "Effects of a Mass Media Campaign to Increase Physical Activity Among Children: Year 1 Results of the VERB Campaign," was published in the journal Pediatrics and can be accessed online at

Other evaluations of the impact of the VERB campaign and materials are documented at the CDC Web site.

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