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News-2-You, a subscription-based service, provides a weekly online newspaper composed of text and pictures, as well as interactive Web-based games, software-supported activities, and other curricular materials. Designed especially for beginning readers and learners with special needs, this suite of resources gives individuals who are typically overlooked by news organizations access to information about current events. The currency and relevance of the newspaper topics, which are further supported by online games and hands-on activities, draw young people in and accelerate their learning.

Content Focus:
Language Arts, Social Studies, Spanish, Life & Social Skills,

Linkages to:
Multimedia/Digital Literacy, ESL, Multicultural Understanding,

Grades/Ages: Pre–K to grade 4 (regular education), Pre–K to adult (special education, ESL classrooms)

Costs: $140 for individual subscription
The costs shown were accurate at the time of the review. Please check the publisher's web site for current prices.

Publication Date: 1998 to present

Developer Contact Information
News 2 You, Inc.®
P.O. Box 550
Huron, OH 44839
800-697-6575; 419-433-9800

Design Overview

Intended to appeal to different learning styles as a way of reaching learners with special needs, News-2-You materials are produced in simple text with accompanying pictures or symbols. The weekly newspaper may be viewed online or printed; alternate editions include a speaking version and a Spanish translation. Updated weekly, online games and software activities support users' learning experiences. The developer leverages software and online tools in other ways. For instance, the World News section places news stories on an interactive Google Maps platform. Using these tools and activities to supplement news stories about, for example, the new $5 bill, spring training, or letterboxing, engages young people in robust interdisciplinary learning.
  • Activity Types: Reading activities, self-directed online games, software-supported activities, hands-on learning
  • Materials/technology required: Computer with Internet access to download newspaper editions and play games. Optional: IntelliTools Classroom Suite, Clicker5 software. Note that News-2-You offers subscribers a player download for IntelliTools activities.
  • Program Length/Duration: Year-round curriculum comprising short activities
  • Site Adoption: Schools, ESL classrooms, afterschool programs, preschools, homeschoolers
  • Special considerations: These resources are flexible and can be implemented in classrooms, afterschool programs, or other settings. A new curriculum product for learners with special needs, which is oriented to classroom use, will be released in 2008.

Instructional Approach

The News-2-You resources enable educators to build learning experiences around current events using a combination of print materials, hands-on activities, and multimedia tools. Depending on the needs of learners in the group, the content and learning process can be simple or more sophisticated. Educators have the option of adapting the materials to address academic standards, and there are numerous ways to customize the content. For instance, users may download the SymbolStix pictures and symbols to create their own stories. The adaptability of this resource makes it especially effective for special needs learners.

Consideration of Special Student Populations

News-2-You materials and activities are universally designed to be accessible and meaningful to all learners. In particular, they serve individuals with special needs, beginning readers, and English Language Learners. The online newspaper and related materials are produced in multiple versions to meet the needs of users. These include four reading levels of the standard newspaper (simplified, regular, higher, and advanced editions), plus Spanish and speaking editions.

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