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Standards Alignment

  • Technology:
    This resource addresses multiple standards identified in the National Educational Technology Standards for Students, which were developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). For more information about these standards, see

Research Base

Studies informing the development/advancement of the resource:

Teaching Objects-first in Introductory Computer Science (PDF) Stephen Cooper, Wanda Dann, Randy Pausch, SIGCSE 2003

Alice: Lessons Learned from Building a 3D System for Novices (PDF) Matthew Conway, Steve Audia, Tommy Burnette, Dennis Cosgrove, Kevin Christiansen, Rob Deline, Jim Durbin, Rich Gossweiler, Shuichi Kogi, Chris Long, Beth Mallory, Steve Miale, Kristen Monkaitis, James Patten, Jeffrey Pierce, Joe Schochet, David Staak, Brian Stearns, Richard Stoakley, Chris Sturgill, John Viega, Jeff White, George Williams, and Randy Pausch, CHI 2000

Alice: Easy-to-Learn 3D Scripting for Novices (PDF) Matthew J. Conway, PhD Dissertation, 1997

Alice: Rapid Prototyping System for Virtual Reality Randy Pausch (head), Tommy Burnette, A.C. Capeheart, Matthew Conway, Dennis Cosgrove, Rob DeLine, Jim Durbin, Rich Gossweiler, Shuichi Koga, Jeff White, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, May 1995


Evaluating the Effectiveness of a New Instructional Approach (PDF) Barb Moskal, Deborah Lurie, Stephen Cooper

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