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Young Digital Creators Educator's Kit

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Young Digital Creators Educator's Kit

The Young Digital Creators (YDC) Educator's Kit and CD-ROM presents a user-friendly curriculum that creates opportunities for young people to reflect on global development issues, and to share ideas and artwork with peers around the world, at the same time as they develop technical skills. This detailed lesson plan and supporting material, written for educators working in schools, youth clubs, community centers, and training institutes, promotes multicultural understanding, creative thinking, and problem solving.

Content Focus:
Media Arts Production, Multimedia/Digital Literacy, Science, Social Studies,

Linkages to:
Art/Drama/Music, Multicultural Understanding

Grades/Ages: Teens and older youth

Costs: Free
The costs shown were accurate at the time of the review. Please check the publisher's web site for current prices.

Publication Date: 2006

Developer Contact Information
Teemu Leinonen & Joanna Saad-Sulonen for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Org en/digiarts/ydc/kit/

Design Overview

This kit and supporting materials from the website walk educators through the process of facilitating a project-based learning experience around a global issue. The first half of the booklet explains this learning model and the value to young people in the opportunities to create artistic pieces, share them online, and build cultural understanding. The second half details a series of activities that take young people from the early stages of a project—brainstorming ideas—to production, to media analysis and finally presentation of their works. Also available for download at no charge, the CD-ROM consists of editing tools, all free and open source software. In addition, the UNESCO YDC website shares supporting materials and resources, such as a Quick time video that introduces the Educator's Kit and tutorials for the software applications.
  • Activity Types: Sequenced activities involving group discussion, online research, media arts production, exhibition
  • Materials/technology required: Computer, Internet access, multimedia tools
  • Program Length/Duration: A series of sessions spanning 6 weeks up to several months
  • Site Adoption: Since 2003, 164 schools, centers, and clubs from around the world have been participating in the different YDC programs.

Instructional Approach

The Young Digital Creators curriculum follows a project-based learning approach. Facilitators elicit the interests of participants and help them plan their activities, rather than determining the content ahead of time. In particular, young people are encouraged to express their point of view on global development issues. They enjoy the right to speak up, present their own artistic work, and share the results of their creative efforts.

Consideration of Special Student Populations

This material, having been developed by a United Nations agency, is written for an international audience, with colorful illustrations of youth of various ethnicities. Further, building respect for cultural values and differences is a major focus of this curriculum.

The Young Digital Creators Educator's Kit is also available in French.

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