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Staff, Planning,
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Standards, Research, and Evaluation

Teaching Experience

In order to effectively implement this lesson plan, educators should have a basic familiarity with concepts and methods associated with digital media production, project-based learning, and online collaboration. The material, though not overly detailed, is very supportive, providing key questions and steps along the way.

Planning and Preparation

There is limited advance preparation required. The first section of the book provides educators with a solid orientation to this material and approach. It gives information and links to further reading about key concepts and components of this curriculum, including project-based learning, online collaboration, fair use of digital material, and cultural diversity.

Given the emphasis on global development issues, it may be worthwhile to research some of these issues prior to initiating this project. Also, in order to most effectively support the students, it may be helpful for staff to gain experience working with digital editing tools, if they're unfamiliar.


  • Software: The CD-ROM provides digital editing tools for use in the project.
  • Computers: This project requires computers with Internet access for media creation and online research and collaboration.
  • Cameras: Helpful as an option for documentation and media production, but not necessary.


The YDC Educator's Kit can be downloaded for free and includes the digital editing tools needed for the project.

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