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Washoe County School District Web Site

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Washoe County School District Web Site
This Web site demonstrates the district’s commitment to engage families and community members in supporting education. Using the top navigation bar, users can easily activate pop-up menus to access specific topics of interest.

For example, the “Volunteering” section, accessed through the Community pop-up menu, reinforces the district’s open and active approach to increasing school-family-community engagement. This section includes resources and information for both educators and noneducators on the district’s guidelines and policy for engaging volunteers in school support. Resources include the following: 
  • Map and directions to the volunteer services office 
  • Volunteer application forms and guidance, including procedures to ensure child safety
  • Checklists to ensure that staff are following district policy in using volunteers
  • Information on specific volunteer activities that support student achievement
  • Suggestions for volunteer-led activities that support overall school improvement efforts as well as classroom-level activities
  • Volunteer recognition procedures
Resource Type: Web Site
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