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Citation:Frein, S., Melnick, S., & Education, N. A. o. P. i. (2001). Linking service learning and school-to-work: Policy, partnerships and practice to help all students succeed. Alexandria, VA: The National Association of Partners in Education.

This paper provides an overview of service-learning and school-to-work principles and practices. It describes the policies, partnerships, and practices needed to make such initiatives succeed, and describes the rationale and benefits of combining the two approaches. The type of connections emphasized in this piece are integrated, often community-based, learning opportunities that require partnerships between schools and community entities such as businesses. Similarities and differences between service learning and school-to-work are described, as well as the benefits of each, and the benefits of combining the two. The discussion is divided into three categoriesÐpolicy, partnerships, and practiceÐand describes how each of these can facilitate the linkage of service learning and school-to-work. Local site examples describe instances where service learning and school-to-work strategies have been combined. The authors suggest that these practices require significant changes in the ways schools operate and how they relate to the community. The paper draws on phone and written interviews that were conducted with individuals actively engaged in joint service-learning and school-to-work initiatives. However, no other information was given on the methodology or sample.

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