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Citation:Xiang, Z., & Schweinhart, L. J. (2001). Ready for Success: Annual report of the Michigan School Readiness Program. Lansing, MI: Michigan State Board of Education. ED458022.

The Michigan School Readiness Program (MSRP) is a preschool program that serves at-risk 4 year olds. The aim of the program is to help at-risk children start school ready to learn. The purpose of this evaluation is to see how well the MSRP is achieving its mission. Two cohorts of MSRP students were followed, but a large amount of missing data for Cohort 2 limits findings for that group. A group of students similar in age and background was used for comparison. Controlling for background variables, there is evidence for MSRP effects in reducing grade retention (Cohort 1 and 2), promoting school readiness, promoting child development at kindergarten, and enhancing parent involvement (Cohort 1). Data were collected on developmental outcomes, school readiness, grade level, and special services. In addition, parents were interviewed concerning their involvement and expectations. As an evaluation of a specific Michigan program, results may not generalize to other settings.

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