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Citation:Epstein, J. L., Clark, L., Salinas, K. C., & Sanders, M. G. (1997). Scaling up school-family-community connections in Baltimore: Effects on student achievement and attendance. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL.

This study reports the impact that the quality of school-family-community partnership programs had on student attendance and achievement in 80 Baltimore schools. The results were drawn from the first phase of a project to "scale up" school-family-community partnership programs in the National Network of Partnership Schools. They indicated that the best predictor of student attendance was prior attendance, with student mobility also having an impact. However, when researchers controlled for previous school attendance, the quality of the schoolÕs partnership program significantly boosted attendance. Similarly, prior achievement was the best predictor of student achievement. However, after controlling for prior achievement, the quality of the partnership program also contributed to a small but significant improvement in reading and writing standardized test scores of third graders. Researchers accessed data on student attendance and achievement from the Maryland State Department of Education's annual data collection records. Facilitators who assist the schools evaluated the quality of the school-family-community partnerships programs. The results of this study suggested that as a way to evaluate the impact of the program on student outcomes, it is feasible to link annual data on attendance and achievement with evaluations of the quality of a schoolÕs partnership program.

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