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Citation:Bailey, L. B., Silvern, S. B., Brabham, E., & Ross, M. (2004). The effects of interactive reading homework and parent involvement on childrenÕs inference responses. Early Childhood Education Journal, 32(2), 173-178.

The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of interactive reading homework and parent involvement on elementary students' abilities to make inferences. Interactive reading homework is defined as an assignment designed to improve student reasoning skills through involving the parents in the children's homework process. Results indicated that assigning interactive homework increases the amount of interaction between parent and child in addition to improving the child's score on a reading inference test. These data were collected from 84 parents and their second grade children who were enrolled in three schools located in southeastern Alabama. The researchers used a comparison design, with two schools assigned to different intervention groups and the third school as the control group. One intervention school implemented interactive homework assignments and, additionally, parents were educated regarding the importance of interaction with their children in completing homework assignments. The second intervention school used only interactive homework assignments. The students in the homework and parent instruction group outperformed the other two groups while the students in the homework only group performed better than students at the control school. The results of this study suggest that students' ability to reason, as well as parent involvement, may be increased through the assignment of interactive reading homework. This study is limited in that participants were not randomly assigned to intervention and control groups.

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