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Citation:Manz, P. H., Fantuzzo, J. W., & Power, T. J. (2004). Multidimensional assessment of family involvement among urban elementary students. Journal of School Psychology, 42, 461-475.

This study expands upon the Family Involvement Questionnaire (FIQ) and extends the measure to urban elementary students. Analyses indicated involvement dimensions comprising three factors: Home-based Involvement, School-based Involvement, and Home-School Communication. The child's gender, family characteristics, and the educational background of the primary caregiver were significantly related to involvement dimensions; however, the child's grade level and the caregiver's age were not. These data were collected from 444 primary caregivers of elementary school children enrolled in the first through fifth grades in central city schools. The majority of participants were African-American mothers and the racial breakdown of the sample was consistent with the racial composition of the schools participating in this study. This study presents a measure of family involvement that can be utilized at the elementary school level and suggests that relying on a single dimension to measure family involvement may be inadequate. The population represented by the sample used in this study was restricted; thus, additional populations should be tested using the questionnaire in order to determine how well these results can be generalized. Moreover, researchers should utilize randomized controlled trials to determine the effectiveness of specific strategies.

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