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Citation:Neves, I. P., & Morais, A. M. (2005). Pedagogic practices in the family socializing context and childrenÕs school achievement. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 26(1), 121-137.

This article describes a qualitative study of the pedagogic practices in the family. Researchers examined students' science achievement in relation to their family and school pedagogic practices. The analyses indicated that a relationship exists between social class and the pedagogic code of the family. In addition, it was found that children who received the science pedagogic practice of weak framings showed below average achievement when compared to the children who received strong framings. Utilizing Bernstein's theory, a model was derived for analyzing family pedagogic practice. The study participants were five families who differed in social class and race and whose children were enrolled in fifth or sixth grade. This study suggests that family and school pedagogic practices may explain the differences in children's achievement in school. It is important to note that these conclusions are based on five children, and generalization of these findings should not be made without further testing. Future research, including randomized controlled trials, should focus on determining the impact of specific interventions on student achievement.

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