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Citation:Fan, X., & Chen, M. (1999). Parental involvement and students' academic achievement: A meta-analysis. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Montreal, CA. ED430048.

The investigators set out to synthesize existing empirical studies and to analyze the fieldÕs inconsistent conclusions on the value of parent involvement in academic achievement. Overall, the research indicates that parent involvement has a positive effect on student achievement. However, operational definitions and types of measurements affect the conclusions about the relationship. For example, if parent involvement is defined as "parent supervision at home" (such as establishing rules for TV and homework), the relationship to academic success is weak. On the other hand, if parent involvement is defined as "aspirations," there is a strong relationship to academic success. The researchers carried out a meta-analysis of relational empirical data. They grouped parent involvement types and student achievement types into broad categories. The results of this study demonstrated the importance of studies attending to operational definitions and measurement. Different dimensions of parent involvement should be measured separately. The number of useable studies for the meta-analysis was smaller than the authors had anticipated.

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