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Citation:Jehl, J., Blank, M. J., & McCloud, B. (2001). Education and community building: Connecting two worlds. Washington, DC: Institute for Educational Leadership, Inc.

The purpose of this paper is to build practitioners' understanding about how community builders and educators can work together more effectively. The authors offer information about the differences in philosophies, concerns, organizational cultures, operating styles, and other factors that influence how they work together. They also suggest strategies, or "rules of engagement," to guide school-community interactions and strengthen future efforts. The authors highlight a number of underlying differences in the organizations and cultures of school systems and community-based organizations (CBOs). These differences can result in obstacles that must be addressed for effective collaboration to occur. The information is based on interviews with educators and community builders from across the nation. The community focus in this paper is primarily on CBOs that emphasize community organizing and building. As a result, the observations may not fit other types of community partners, such as human service professionals. Overall, this paper offers practical information to help practitioners understand underlying issues that impact school-community partnerships and provides advice for addressing these issues.

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