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Citation:Pelco, L. E., Ries, R. R., Jacobson, L., & Melka, S. (2000). Perspectives and practices in family-school partnerships: A national survey of school psychologists. School Psychology Review, 29(2), 235-250.

The purpose of this research is to examine the perspectives and practice of school psychologists toward family-school partnership activities. It found that school psychologists were "very supportive of the general concept of family-school partnerships and believed they (school psychologists) should be actively involved" in them as a part of their work. They report involvement in a range of school-family partnership activities in which the school psychologist's role was as a direct source to families. A survey of a random sample of 1000 members listed in the 1996 National Association of School Psychologists membership roster was conducted for this study. One hundred two surveys returned from non-practitioners were excluded from further consideration. Four hundred seventeen usable surveys were returned, which represents a 42% response rate. This study suggests that psychologists are potential facilitators of family, community and school connections. Multiple and logistic regressions were used to analyze four demographic variables: gender, degree, years of experience, and job assignment level. The researchers state they used a relatively narrow definition of parent-school partnerships in this study, and the composite participation score reflects quantity rather than the quality or intensity of these activities. They acknowledged that research using other definitions might produce different results.

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