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Title:Parental attributions as predictors of involvement and influences on child achievement
Author:Georgiou, S. N.
Resource Type:Journal Article
British Journal of Educational Psychology, 69

pp. 409-429
Education Level:Middle

This study investigates the role of parental attributions as predictors of parental involvement in their child's educational process and examines the influence of both of these factors on the child's actual school achievement. The study found that parents who believed their parental role was pivotal to their child's achievement tended to be more controlling and more overbearing in developing their child's interests. Also, the parents' attribution of the child's achievement to the child's own effort was positively related to the child's actual achievement results. Finally, the researcher found that the child's actual school achievement was directly related to the parental interest-developing behavior, but was not significantly related to the parental controlling behavior. Parents completed questionnaires regarding their attributions of their child's achievement and their own degree of involvement in their children's life. Although parental attributions and involvement are not in a cause-effect relationship with academic achievement, practitioners may be able to accelerate student achievement if they can influence parents' attribution of students' perceived ability. In addition, practitioners may be able to accelerate an individual student's achievement if practitioners can influence the student' own self-attributions.

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