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Title:Connecting families and classrooms using family involvement webs
Author:Coleman, M., & Wallinga, C.
Resource Type:Journal Article
Childhood Education, 76(4)

pp. 209-214
ERIC #:EJ606956. (click to view this publication's record on the ERIC Web site)
Education Level:Elementary, Middle
Literature type:Practice

This article provides an introduction to family involvement webs, which are tools or frameworks for planning and organizing family involvement programs. Family involvement webs are used to structure curriculum activities to be used in the classroom and in the home, in partnership with family members. The advantage of using family involvement webs is that they build on family diversity, reinforce the school-family partnership, and provide concrete mechanisms for structuring discussions. Step by step instructions for developing family involvement webs and creating classroom activities are provided. Although the examples cited are pertinent to elementary and middle school students, the family involvement web structure could be applied to high school curriculum. This is a useful resource for teachers looking to create and organize strong school-family networks.

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