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Title:The effect of increasing welfare mothersÕ education on their young childrenÕs academic problems and school readiness.
Author:Magnuson, K. A., & McGroder, S. M.
Resource Type:Report
Evanston, IL
Child Trends, Joint Center on Poverty Research
Full text:
Education Level:Early Childhood/Pre-K
Literature type:Research and Evaluation

This study investigates the relationship between welfare mothersÕ education level and the academic outcomes and school readiness of their children. Findings indicated that increases in mothersÕ education level were positively associated with childrenÕs school readiness and negatively associated with academic problems. The authors conclude that policy-makers should focus on education as well as employment programs for mothers on welfare. Data came from the National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies Child Outcomes Study. The study was conducted in three cities across the country and contained a final sample of 3,108 participants. Welfare mothers were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: Education-first program, work-first program or a control group. Mothers were assessed on demographics, history, attitudes, skills and mental health. Two years later a follow-up survey was completed with the mother and child and rated the childÕs level of school readiness and academic problems.

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