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Title:School-to-Work: Making a difference in education. A research report to America
Author:Hughes, K. L., Bailey, T. R., & Mechur, M. J.
Resource Type:Report
New York, NY: Institute on Education and the Economy (IEE), Teachers College, Columbia University.
ERIC #:ED449364 (click to view this publication's record on the ERIC Web site)
Full text:
Education Level:High
Literature type:Literature Review

The purpose of this status report on intermediate indicators on the National School-to-Work initiative enacted by Congress in 1994 is to examine the effects on youth, teachers, and employers of various components of school-to-work initiatives. Although evidence is lacking on the effects of school-to-work initiatives on standardized test scores, the authors cite evidence that school-to-work initiatives support individual educational achievements on some outcomes. For example, school-to-work participants are less likely to drop out of school. The authors synthesized emerging lessons from a disparate group of 132 studies, many of which were descriptive studies, but others used a randomized experimental design or comparison group design. Generally, the outcomes studied were short-term because sufficient students have not yet been involved in school-to-work to yield a complete picture of school-to-work impact on student achievement. The authors believe that the program's strategies are experiencing successes related to student achievement but are often overlooked by school reformers. Also, particular research on school-to-work's impact on high stakes testing is needed to encourage educators to use it as a reform strategy.

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