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Title:Home school connections: A review of the literature
Author:McCarthey, S. J.
Resource Type:Journal Article
The Journal of Educational Research, 93(3)

pp. 145-153
ERIC #:EJ602597 (click to view this publication's record on the ERIC Web site)
Education Level:Early Childhood/Pre-K, Elementary
Literature type:Literature Review

This review describes promising practices for connecting home and school through examining studies of the nature and function of literacy activities in home settings. The studies examined identify some of the barriers that contribute to the separation of home and school, particularly for children from diverse backgrounds. In one study, Moll and Gonzalez (1994) identified successful constructivist practices for home-school connections such as: understanding students within the contexts of their family/culture, using the community as a resource, and using discourse strategies that promote connections. The literature in another study points out that home visits to diverse families help teachers identify their own stereotypes (Harry, Torguson, Katkavich, & Guerrero, 1993). Studies show that issues of students' limited access to school resources can be amended through programs that increase parents' access to literacy materials and technology. In addition, studies show that the quality of teachers' interactions contributes significantly to parents' participation in literacy events.

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