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Title:A role for school social workers in promoting student success through school-family partnerships
Author:Bowen, N. K.
Resource Type:Journal Article
Social Work in Education, 21(1)

pp. 34-47
ERIC #:EJ587271 (click to view this publication's record on the ERIC Web site)
Education Level:Early Childhood/Pre-K, Elementary
Literature type:Research and Evaluation

This research evaluates a model to enhance parents' abilities for creating home conditions that support learning and promote family involvement in home learning activities. Results suggested social workers can promote student school success by facilitating school-family communications and ensuring sharing of resources. Rich descriptions reveal the gap between teacher and parent perceptions of a child's ability. In some cases, the teacher underestimated the child's ability and parents were able to "get more" from the child. The social worker was needed as negotiator between the school and family. The social workers followed five kindergarten children, their teachers, and their families during a program designed to facilitate teamwork and create common goals and strategies to support children. Social workers might contribute to the implementation of other models of parent involvement in home learning.

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