Self-Reflection Log

As you visit each learning center, respond to the following in the target language only for the centers visited.

Music Center: In three sentences describe how the music of this period sets the mood of the story. Include your impressions of the music and your reactions to the music.

Film Center: In three sentences explain how this film segment helps you better understand the story. Include your observation of how that segment does or does not reflect the section you have already read.

History Center: Identify three historical events that took place during this time period and tell how they might have impacted the author. You may include historical events such as discoveries, major events, famous people, scientific findings, etc. You may also identify other information you found on the Internet. Use a graphic organizer to represent your findings.

Society Corner: In three sentences describe some of the clothing items and tell how they help you visualize the setting of the story. Draw one of the clothing items that most impressed you.

Travel Center: If you were to visit this region, list three places you would go to and tell how they might influence your understanding of the story.

Biography Center: Select three events in the life of the author and imagine how they may have influenced this story.