Enrollment Information

Setting Up Your User Account

Enrollment is free. First time users may register by clicking on the "Login" button on the front page and entering a valid e-mail address in the field provided. An initial password will be emailed to you, which you will use to log in your first visit. You will then be given a choice to change your password to something easy for you to remember. Please read all the information below to familiarize yourself with the OPDC virtual classroom.

Software Requirements

  • Cookies: To participate in the LOTE CED's online professional development courses, you need a Web browser with "cookies" enabled. SEDL uses cookies to remember your "log on" information while you take classes. Your information will remain private and will not be shared with other organizations for any purpose.

  • Flash Player: The OPDC courses have been constructed with "Flash" technology. In order to view the courses, you will need to download the free Flash Player for your Web browser. To ensure the best possible learning experience, you must have the latest Flash plugin installed on your machine. Otherwise you may have difficulties linking to some materials and resources in the course.

  • Acrobat Reader: You will need the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the OPDC resources that are available as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. If you do not already have the reader, you must download and install it before viewing such documents.

About the Courses

Current research studies suggest that online educational and enrichment activities are effective for well-motivated learners, especially those who understand the format and nature of the online learning experience. The studies also find that two benefits of online learning are the flexibility of real-time and any-time options and the convenience of communication options across wide geographic distances. Online opportunities can have an impact on a larger and more diverse audience than most professional development activities.

The OPDC courses have been designed by the LOTE CED team at the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory. Aimed specifically at foreign language professionals, the courses include interactive exercises and assessment tools that have been specially formulated for Web-based training, and each lesson is supplemented with reading material and access to valuable resources. The courses provide clear instructions and an easy navigational structure. Learners are encouraged to complete at least one hands-on project per course that may serve as a classroom tool later on.

The amount of time required to complete the courses will vary depending on the course selected and the individual user. Someone desiring a quick review may click through a single course in an hour or less; but to carefully consider the information, examples, and recommended resources and to thoughtfully complete the activities should require a few hours. In addition, each course includes a project to be completed which can necessitate one or more hours of analysis, investigation, or interaction "off-line."

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.