Receiving Course Credit

The Languages Other Than English Center for Educator Development (LOTE CED) is certified by the State Board for Educator Certification as an official Continuing Professional Education Provider (CPE Provider #500274). Districts who agree to do so may grant CPE credit for completion of the LOTE CED courses in this series. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the LOTE CED to collect and/or evaluate your work. Ultimately, you and your district supervisor will need to negotiate the credit you receive for completing these professional development courses.

In granting credit, your district supervisor may wish to take into consideration the amount of time and the number and variety of resources consulted for the course. The amount of time required to complete the work will vary depending on the course selected and the individual user. Someone desiring a quick review may click through a single course in an hour or less; but to carefully consider the information, examples, and recommended resources and to thoughtfully complete the activities should require a few hours. In addition, each course includes a project to be completed which can necessitate one or more hours of analysis, investigation, or interaction "off-line."

Two functions of the LOTE CED courses, a journal and a project, allow you to provide evidence of the work that you have completed. As you go through a course you will record and save responses and can then print these out using your browser's print function once the course is completed. You can also print out a list of all the readings and resources required to complete each course.