Course Catalog

There are 5 LOTE CED courses to choose from.

    Add to My Courses 1) Change is Good! Innovation in LOTE Teaching and Learning
    Description Familiarizes you with recent changes in LOTE instruction and learning and the 8 Guiding Principles that provided the foundation for state standards for language learners, the TEKS for LOTE.

    Add to My Courses 2) Core of the Standards: The 5 Cs
    Description Acquaints you with the five program goals (5 Cs) that form the foundation of the TEKS for LOTE: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. The interrelationship among the Cs is discussed and classroom-based examples are provided.

    Add to My Courses 3) Progress Checkpoints: Defining Proficiency
    Description Familiarizes you with the characteristics of the novice, intermediate, and advanced proficiency levels and expectations for students at those levels.

    Add to My Courses 4) Learning Scenarios in the LOTE Classroom
    Description Identifies characteristics of learning scenarios for the LOTE classroom as well as other strategies that can aid teachers in implementing standards for foreign language learners.

    Add to My Courses 5) Developing and Evaluating Performance-Based Assessment
    Description Introduces differences in traditional and performance-based assessment tasks and illustrates how rubrics can be used to evaluate them, as well as to provide a roadmap for learning and instruction in the foreign language classroom.