New SEDL Letter Focuses on "Meeting Our Reading Goals"

May 27, 2005
Austin, Texas

Laura Shankland
Communications Associate
Phone: 512-391-6556

Add the June 2005 issue of SEDL Letter to your summer reading list. To help teachers meet increasingly higher reading goals, the latest issue of the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory’s magazine is devoted to reading instruction and ways to help struggling readers.

Articles include

  • “Literacy Education Under No Child Left Behind,”
  • “Literacy Coaches: Roles and Responsibilities,”
  • “Motivating Students to Read,”
  • “Adolescent Literacy: Beyond English Class, Beyond, Text,” and
  • “Improving Comprehension Support for Struggling Readers.”

Also in this issue is a look at how two schools in Bernalillo, New Mexico, have improved reading instruction with the help of reading coaches and professional development from SEDL.

The issue may be found online at or may be ordered from SEDL’s publications department by calling 800-476-6861.

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