New Manuals for the Concerns-Based Adoption Model Are Now Available

June 14, 2006
Austin, Texas

Laura Shankland
Communications Associate
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Researchers, administrators and change facilitators have been using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM) to help implement change in schools for more than 30 years. The Southwest Educational Development Laboratory has recently updated the manuals that describe how to use the three dimensions of CBAM—the Stages of Concern, the Levels of Use, and Innovation Configurations—to measure implementation of the change process. The manuals each have a new look and title, and include a review of recent literature related to the model. The manuals are still sold individually and as a boxed set titled, Measuring Implementation in Schools: Using the Tools of The Concerns-Based Adoption Model.  The boxed set includes a DVD featuring interviews with three of the model’s developers.

The Stages of Concern, the Levels of Use, and Innovation Configurations remain well suited for assessing educator concerns about and use of new strategies, programs, and materials. Shirley Hord, SEDL scholar emerita, and one of the authors of the updated manuals, says, “CBAM gives people a highly specific framework or set of lenses through which to view and understand the change process.” Besides helping researchers assess change, the three dimensions or components of CBAM can be used to measure and report on the progress of a particular innovation, research the effectiveness of a particular change, or to design specific interventions that will help move the change process forward.

Hord explains, “We almost always fail to check up and see how well teachers and administrators are using a new program or process in the school or in a classroom. In order to give them additional information, coaching, or follow-up, we need to assess their concerns and find out how they are implementing the program or process. CBAM helps us do that.”

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