Making Research Relevant in the Classroom

January 23, 2007
Austin, Texas

Laura Shankland
Communications Associate
Phone: 512-391-6556

In today’s high stakes accountability environment, schools trying to implement research-based strategies and curriculum face many hurdles. “The biggest one,” says a Houston area superintendent, “is the amount of research out there, locating what you need, and having the time and the staff to actually use research effectively.”

Educators aren’t the only ones wrestling with research issues. The U.S. Department of Education and organizations like SEDL are working to bridge the gap between research and practice, according to a recent article published in SEDL Letter. Author Lesley Dahlkemper writes that not only has the Department of Education been working to expand the research base by funding more projects, but is also working with universities to create a new crop of education scientists. Although improving the knowledge base is critical, educators need help adapting research findings to their own schools and classrooms. Read the full article to learn more about the challenges of applying high-quality research to improve schools.

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