Webcast: Autism Spectrum Disorders Career Links

During the webcast, held September 30, 2009, the presenter described the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Autism Spectrum Disorders Career Links project. The NIDRR-funded project conducts evidence-based research on vocational rehabilitation (VR) service models for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). The project is a collaborative initiative between VCU and the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS). The project includes research in four areas:
  1. the impact of intensive, community-based work experiences on the employment outcomes of youth with ASDs;
  2. the postsecondary school participation and ultimate employment of college students with ASDs;
  3. the impact of personal digital assistants (PDAs) on the employment outcomes of individuals with ASDs; and
  4. a longitudinal analysis of VR service delivery and employment outcomes among DRS clients with ASDs.
The project also includes dissemination activities such as web casts, fact sheets, evidence-based journal articles, and a toolkit on how to enhance VR employment models for youth with ASDs.