Improving Math and Science Education With Private Funds

Creating a work force that can lead the world in areas like biomedicine, information technology, and clean energy is a national priority. Yet, in 2009, only 38% of U.S. fourth graders and 33% of eighth graders were rated proficient or advanced in math on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

With the support of private funders, SEDL is working to ensure that more students develop the math and science skills needed to meet the demands of the 21st century work force. Two programs—Connecting Kids to Math and Science and Mosaic: An integrated Approach to Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Language—aim to provide students with high-quality instruction that will engage them and boost learning. 

Rigorous. Challenging activities aligned with state standards and incorporating research on math and science instruction help build a strong foundation of skills.

Engaging. Hands-on lessons, real-life scenarios, and integrated math, science, and technology instruction grab students’ interest and make math and science exciting and relevant.

Free. To ensure that all students and teachers can benefit, the completed programs will be available free of charge on SEDL’s Web site.