SEDL Helps Teachers Support English Language Learners with New Science Instructional Program

October 10, 2012
Austin, Texas

Laura Shankland
Communications Associate
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Austin, TX, October 11, 2012 — Does light energy always travel in a straight line? How does sound travel? How do swings on the playground represent mechanical energy? These are just a few of topics explored in the Grade 3 Unit of Mosaic: An Integrated Approach to Mathematics, Science Technology, and Language. The problem-based K–5 instructional program created by SEDL gives students a chance to explore their world while building academic language, math, science, and technology skills and increasing their conceptual understanding of these subjects.

“Mosaic supports learning by using real-life scenarios that make math and science exciting and relevant for students,” said SEDL chief program officer Vicki Dimock.

Built upon SEDL’s successful Paso Partners curriculum, the precursor to this program, Mosaic provides rigorous lessons and resources that integrate science, technology, and mathematics academic skills. The program also includes linguistic accommodations for English learners. Learning strategies include pair share, vocabulary building, and modeling. The integrated instructional strategies save classroom time and may be used in other subject areas.

“These lessons are models. We hope that teachers will use the lessons, integrate them into their curricula, and then develop their own lessons following the model,” said Dimock. “It is a great opportunity for teachers to partner with one another across content areas in order to strengthen their ability to build academic language, which is critical for English learners.” Lessons are in both English and Spanish.

Mosaic lessons are free and can be found at

The Mosaic Project was made possible through a grant from the Sid W. Richardson Foundation of Fort Worth, Texas. Since 1947, the Foundation has generously supported education, healthcare, human services, and culture in Texas.

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