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2015 News and Media Releases

04/06/2015 Congratulations to SEDL’s 2014 Presidential Award Winners
03/09/2015 SEDL Wins Gold MarCom Awards for Communications Work

2014 News and Media Releases

12/10/2014 SEDL Joins Forces with American Institutes for Research,
Expanding the Reach of Both Organizations
09/23/2014 Statement on Reauthorization of Elementary and Secondary Education Act
09/22/2014 Byng High School Among Top "Beating the Odds" Schools
08/25/2014 Sustaining Statewide School Improvement Initiatives
08/20/2014 Supporting Employees With Cancer Training
08/19/2014 REL Southwest English Learners Conference Archive
04/22/2014 SEDL Researchers Contribute to an Article Proposing a New Method of Sample Selection in Randomized Experiments
04/07/2014 Congratulations to SEDL's 2013 Presidential Award Winners
01/14/2014 Are High School Job Programs Effective for Students With Autism?
01/10/2014 SEDL Wins Gold and Platinum MarCom Awards for Communications Work

2013 News and Media Releases

11/20/2013 SEDL Selected as Austin American-Statesman's Top Workplaces for 2013
06/28/2013 Catch Our Experts in Action
06/06/2013 Smart Teacher? Hard Teacher? Passionate Teacher?
01/15/2013 SEDL to Provide Technical Assistance to Illinois Afterschool Programs

2012 News and Media Releases

11/20/2012 SEDL's Robin Jarvis Weighs in on Benefits, Challenges of K–8 Instruction in One School
10/30/2012 The Problem with Math Is English
10/15/2012 The Problem with Math Is English: A Language-Focused Approach to Help Students Develop a Deeper Understanding of Mathematics
10/10/2012 SEDL Helps Teachers Support English Language Learners with New Science Instructional Program
10/01/2012 SEDL Wins Federal Grants to Support State Department of Education Work
08/20/2012 SEDL Wins Contract for New Disability and Rehabilitation Research Center
08/07/2012 We're Looking for Cancer Survivors to Complete a 15-Minute Survey
08/06/2012 SEDL's Leida Tolentino Interviewed on Influence of Neuroscience on Education Practices
07/30/2012 SEDL Mourns Loss of Michael Davis
06/14/2012 Stopping the Summer Learning Loss
03/20/2012 Schools’ Roles in Rigorous Education Research: Two Cases from SEDL’s Current Effectiveness Study
01/17/2012 SEDL Awarded REL Southwest Contract

2011 News and Media Releases

12/12/2011 Wildwood Programs Recognized for Providing Effective Training for People With Autism
11/29/2011 SEDL Honored With Marketing and Communications Award
11/08/2011 Centers of Support: Assessing the U.S. Department of Education's Technical Assistance Program for ESEA Implementation
08/25/2011 SEDL's Effectiveness Study of Imagine It! and Everyday Mathematics in the News
08/19/2011 Increasing High School Graduation Rates and Improving College Enrollment for High-Need Students
07/27/2011 Making Teacher Evaluation Work for Everyone
06/14/2011 Congratulations to Clinton Elementary School and Rosemary Middle School.
05/06/2011 Improving Math and Science Education With Private Funds
05/06/2011 Keeping Students Interested in Math and Science
05/06/2011 Enhancing Instructional Resources
02/16/2011 Bringing Math and Science Alive for Austin Teachers and Students
02/08/2011 SEDL Featured in National Journal of Staff Development
02/08/2011 Help Us Assess Effective Approaches to Improving Math and Reading Instruction
02/03/2011 SEDL Receives Grant for Elementary School Math and Science Program
01/06/2011 SEDL Releases Free Resource for Family and Community Engagement

2010 News and Media Releases

11/18/2010 Fall/Winter Issue of SEDL Letter Links Research and Practice
11/15/2010 SEDL Awarded $3.25 Million to Establish Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research
11/04/2010 Professional Learning Communities and Dropout Prevention Webcast
10/25/2010 Former SEDL Board Member Leads Native American Initiative
10/08/2010 Social Media Comes to Afterschool Science
08/31/2010 The KT4TT Knowledge Base: Steps and Supporting Evidence to Improve Your Process!
08/23/2010 New Briefing Paper on Alternative High Schools in Rural Areas
07/28/2010 Regional Forum: Turning Around Low-Achieving Schools: A Blueprint for Reform
07/27/2010 Catherine Jordan talks about parental involvement on Nevada Public Radio.
07/22/2010 Project Director D'Ette Cowan published in new book on professional learning communities.
07/07/2010 Promoting Parent and Community Involvement to Create a Culture of College and Career Readiness
06/24/2010 New resources from high school response to intervention summit
06/24/2010 FOCUS Technical Brief 26: Facilitating Technology-Based Knowledge Utilization
06/15/2010 Free Webinar Archive - A New Day: Family, School, and Community Engagement in Education Reform
05/25/2010 The new issue of SEDL Letter addresses the challenges and solutions related to science, technology, engineering, and Math instruction.
05/17/2010 Disability Research Design Issues and Strategies: A Conversation with Researchers
05/10/2010 John Westbrook and Kathleen Murphy from SEDL's disability research work group write about knowledge translation for the International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation.
05/06/2010 Mueller, location of SEDL's Austin, Texas, headquarters tops Natural Home's list of 10 best green-built neighborhoods.
04/22/2010 Vocational Rehabilitation Service Models for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
04/20/2010 Webinar Series: Achieving Excellence and Innovation in Family, School, and Community Engagement
04/16/2010 Professional Teaching and Learning Cycle profiled in SEEN magazine.
04/15/2010 SEDL to Study Impact of National Math Program
03/16/2010 An Early Warning System to Prevent High School Dropouts
03/05/2010 Response to Intervention Policy
03/04/2010 Supporting Student Transition From Middle to High School
02/25/2010 Connecting Kids to Mathematics, Science, and Technology
01/13/2010 Conducting Systematic Reviews
01/01/2010 Project Director Zena Rudo Honored for Afterschool Technical Assistance

2009 News and Media Releases

12/10/2009 New afterschool guide profiled in December SEDL Monthly.
11/30/2009 SEDL to Evaluate Louisiana Striving Readers Project
11/24/2009 Student behavior and discipline the subject of November AfterWords afterschool e-bulleting.
11/17/2009 New papers on the role of evidence in disability and rehabilitation research.
11/06/2009 November 2009 SEDL Letter explores school improvement
11/02/2009 Academic Tutoring is the topic of the October edition of AfterWords, SEDL's afterschool e-newsletter
10/27/2009 October SEDL Monthly discusses resources for Response to Intervention.
10/27/2009 National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools in the news.
10/21/2009 The October e-Bulletin focuses on Improving Teacher Quality and Equitable Distribution of Effective Teachers
10/20/2009 SEDL Program Associate, Sarah Caverly, Attends IES Training
10/20/2009 SEDL’s research on parental involvement is mentioned in Forbes magazine.
09/30/2009 The September Spotlight highlights the draft college and career readiness standards released by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers
09/29/2009 Webcast: Autism Spectrum Disorders Career Links
09/29/2009 Involving Families and Communities in the Arts, the September edition of SEDL's Afterwords newsletter for afterschool, is available online.
09/23/2009 Upcoming Webcast: Employment Outcomes After Traumatic Brain Injury: Does Race/Ethnicity Matter?
October 21, 2009, 2:00 PM (CDT)
09/07/2009 The September Southeast Comprehensive Center Spotlight Highlights the Recent Regional Mathematics Institute and A Toolkit for Title I Parental Involvement
09/01/2009 The September Edition of SEDL Monthly Focuses on Resources for Mathematics Instruction with an Emphasis on English Language Learners
08/27/2009 The August, 2009 AfterWords e-Newsletter Tells Why Leadership Matters and Recommends a Database of Assessment Tools for Informal Science Learning
07/29/2009 New FOCUS technical brief available: Use of CIRRIE's Database of International Rehabilitation Research in Conducting Systematic Reviews
06/30/2009 Southeast Comprehensive Center's June Bulletin Reviews the SECC Response to Intervention (RtI) Funding Models Summit
06/25/2009 SEDL to Evaluate MyMoon Web Portal
06/17/2009 SEDL’s Early Reading First Work Shows Results
06/03/2009 SEDL Provides Summer Reading in Book Drive for Norman Elementary School
05/12/2009 SEDL Releases Title I Parental Involvement Toolkit
04/15/2009 SEDL’s Research and Evaluation Department Wins Federal Grant to Study Effectiveness of Reading Program
04/14/2009 SEDL's Texas Comprehensive Center Hosts Research Summit on Accommodations for English Language Learners

2008 News and Media Releases

10/24/2008 Afterschool Instructor's Guides and Professional Development Guides Now Available from SEDL
09/30/2008 SEDL Receives More Than $2 Million in New Funding for Work Around Autism and Knowledge Translation
09/29/2008 SEDL’s Texas Comprehensive Center Working with TEA to Better Meet the Needs of English Language Learners
09/08/2008 SEDL Community Service Project Helps Norman Elementary Get Off to a Good Start
08/05/2008 Afterschool, Family, and Community Resource Now Available
08/05/2008 National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning Toolkit Wins AGAIN!
07/22/2008 NCDDR and Campbell Collaboration Announce the Formation of Disability Subgroup
07/01/2008 SEDL Contributes to Civic Index that Measures Factors to Support & Sustain Quality Public Schools
06/18/2008 Art Contest Winner Lucy Wang to Visit SEDL
06/12/2008 National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning Receives Top Award for AfterWords
05/14/2008 SEDL Is Finalist in Distinguished Achievement Award Competition
05/06/2008 Now Online: Guide to Low-Cost, No-Cost Technology Resources for Afterschool Programs
04/10/2008 Dedication of SEDL’s “Green” Headquarters Held on
April 10
03/31/2008 SEDL Staff Present at AERA Annual Meeting
02/08/2008 Partner in National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning Wins CINE AWARD
02/04/2008 SEDL's Hord & Sommers Release New Book About Leading Professional Learning Communities
01/30/2008 SEDL Names Winners in National Student Art Contest
01/10/2008 SEDL Starts the New Year with New Name, in New Headquarters

2007 News and Media Releases

11/30/2007 New Book by SEDL Program Director Shows How Technology Can Change Teaching, Learning, and Schools
11/27/2007 SEDL Mourns the Loss of Carola Garcia Lemke
10/31/2007 Madison Parish, Tallulah Head Start, and SEDL Team Up for the Bright Futures Early Reading First Program
10/12/2007 SEDL's Southeast Comprehensive Center is on the Move
10/04/2007 SEDL Parent Tips: Encouraging Children to Become Comfortable with Math
08/28/2007 SEDL Quickly Identifies Needs of Teachers, Principals Through AT&T Grant
08/21/2007 Tips for Parents: Easy Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read
08/14/2007 A Good Afterschool Program Will Ensure Your Child Won't Be Home Alone
08/01/2007 Christine Moses to Lead SEDL's Growing Communications Initiatives
06/20/2007 SEDL Staff Member Chris Ferguson Published in New Book for Teachers
05/21/2007 New Curriculum Searchable Databases Help Afterschool Programs Across the Country
05/11/2007 Afterschool Training Toolkit for Technology Teaches More Than Just Computer Skills
01/23/2007 Making Research Relevant in the Classroom

2006 News and Media Releases

11/29/2006 Promising Practices in Afterschool Arts Programs Shown in Online Toolkit
11/01/2006 New SEDL Letter Examines Creating a Culture of Data
10/31/2006 Community Breakfast Celebrates 40 Years of School Improvement
10/17/2006 SEDL Wins National Institute for Literacy Contract
10/06/2006 SEDL and Harvard to Team Up to Serve as National Coordinator for Parent Centers
08/14/2006 Consumer's Guide to Afterschool Science Resources Now Available Online From SEDL's National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning
07/24/2006 SEDL Breaks Ground on New Facility at Mueller on August 2
07/06/2006 Science Promising Practices for Afterschool Programs Featured Online
06/21/2006 SEDL Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Austin
06/14/2006 New Manuals for the Concerns-Based Adoption Model Are Now Available
03/25/2006 Parents Are a Secret Weapon Just Waiting to Be Discovered
02/15/2006 New Study Shows High-Performing After-School Programs Share Five Common Characteristics
01/23/2006 SEDL's National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research Receives Federal Funding
01/05/2006 December Issue of SEDL Letter Discusses Leadership for Learning

2005 News and Media Releases

11/23/2005 SEDL Honored with Marketing and Communication Awards
10/03/2005 SEDL Wins Competitions to Head Two Regional Comprehensive Centers
09/20/2005 Reaching Out to Diverse Families is the Topic of New SEDL Strategy Brief
09/16/2005 New SEDL Strategy Brief Focuses on the Transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten
09/01/2005 New Toolkit Teaches Afterschool Providers Innovative Ways to Support Student Learning
08/17/2005 SEDL Strategy Brief Focuses on Engaging Families at the Secondary Level
08/03/2005 SEDL Board Member Brenda Hatfield Appointed New Orleans CAO
07/27/2005 SEDL Launches Redesigned Web Site
05/27/2005 New SEDL Letter Focuses on "Meeting Our Reading Goals"
05/25/2005 SEDL's Haidee Williams Appointed to NAEP Committee, TEA Task Force
04/05/2005 SEDL Scholar Emerita Shirley Hord Receives NSDC Award
03/04/2005 Collaborative Approach Can Connect Schools, Families and Communities
02/23/2005 RUSH Project Announces Research Utilization Award Funding
02/18/2005 Study Examines State Education Databases as Decision-Making Tools
01/21/2005 Early Experience in School Sets the Stage for Later Progress

2004 News and Media Releases

12/20/2004 National Center for School Reform & Improvement Is SEDL's Newest Project and Partnership
03/29/2004 SEDL CEO Testifies Before Congress
01/31/2004 School Report Cards Can Help Parents Support School Improvement

2003 News and Media Releases

12/30/2003 SEDL Synthesis Examines School, Family and Community Connections Among Diverse Populations
12/17/2003 SEDL President Wes Hoover Selected as NEKIAÕs Board Chair
11/24/2003 New SEDL Letter Focuses on Mathematics and Science Achievement
11/24/2003 SEDL School Improvement Work Highlighted in New Book
10/01/2003 SEDL Helps Parents Prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences
10/01/2003 SEDL ayuda a preparar a padres para las conferencias con maestros
09/26/2003 SEDL Awarded Contract to Support Quality in Afterschool Programs
08/04/2003 Back-to-School Parental Involvement Media Kit
07/14/2003 Hord Named SEDL Scholar Emerita

2002 News and Media Releases

12/01/2002 SEDL Board Member Reports Arkansas Success Story for The Achiever
05/01/2002 SEDL Resources Demystify Reading Instruction and Assessment
04/24/2002 Proposed Act Improves Access to Textbooks for K-12 Students with Visual Impairments
01/01/2002 Preventing School Violence

2001 News and Media Releases

12/01/2001 Dr. John Westbrook Named to Board of the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center