Webcasts on Knowledge Translation Topics

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Author: National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research

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• Published: 2010   

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The NCDDR offers webcasts to NIDRR grantees, people with disabilities and their families, professional organizations, and other stakeholders to increase awareness of and discussions regarding knowledge translation concepts and other topics of broad scope related to KT, standards of evidence, systematic review procedures, effective outreach activities, and conclusions/implications from specific systematic reviews addressing topics of high interest to consumers of evidence-based research.

Past webinar topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Begin with Knowledge Translation; Have the End—Technology Transfer—in Mind
  • Disability Research Design Issues and Strategies: A Conversation with Researchers
  • Rating the Strength of Evidence and Recommendations for Disability and Rehabilitation Research
  • Disparities in Obesity and Disability (Pt. 2): Developing Research Partnerships and Collaborations
  • An Introduction to Jamaican Culture for Rehabilitation Services Providers
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery of African-Americans Experiencing Severe Mental Illness
  • Documenting Disparities in Obesity and Disability (Pt. 1)
  • Employment Outcomes After Traumatic Brain Injury: Does Race/Ethnicity Matter?
  • Policy Implications for Disability and Rehabilitation Research Quality
  • Knowledge Translation for Technology Transfer: Ensuring Beneficial Impacts from Research and Development
  • Women with Disabilities as a Health Disparities Population