Online Workshop: Barriers and Supports for Research Use

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Author: KTER Center at SEDL

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• Published: 2012   

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SEDL’s Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research (KTER) hosted a workshop on "Barriers and Supports for Research Use" on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Invited participants included staff and grantees of NIDRR and RSA that are focusing on employment research. This interactive workshop looked at strategies for overcoming obstacles as well as ways to promote the use of high quality research information to support employment of people with disabilities. Our presenters addressed how research findings are used in planning and decision making, and what new research is needed. There were three presentations, each followed by a discussant and a question and comment period, with a final summary and wrap-up.

The workshop was recorded and archive audio files and transcripts are now available as an online workshop.


Speakers included:

* Ms. Jill Houghton, Executive Director of the United States Business Leadership Network (USBLN), discussed current strategies for employing people with disabilities. (3 audio files, total 73 min.)

* Dr. Richard Horne, Director of the Division of Policy Planning and Research, Office of Disability and Employment Policy (ODEP), US Department of Labor discussed the status of current initiatives to increase the employment of people with disabilities.(2 audio files, total 50 min.)

* Dr. Michael Gamel-McCormick, Disability and Education Policy Advisor; US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions discussed the status of legislative policies supporting employment of people with disabilities. (2 audio files, total 60 min.)