Family and Community Involvement in Student Learning

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Working Systemically in Action: Engaging Family & Community (2010)
Many educators recognize the importance of family and community involvement in school improvement efforts and are seeking to reframe the way they engage these groups. This publication, which supplements Working Systemically in Action: A Facilitator’s Guide (No longer available, as the publication has been replaced by the book, Getting Serious About the System), provides practical guidance for educators who are seeking to engage family and community members in systemic school improvement efforts.
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A Practitioner's Guide: Building and Managing Quality Afterschool Programs (2009)
A Practitioner's Guide: Building and Managing Quality Afterschool Programs is designed to share with you the practices that can help you cover it all—great programming, terrific staff, positive relationships, and plenty of resources to lead and sustain successful afterschool programs.
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Math in Afterschool: A Guide to Using the Afterschool Training Toolkit for Professional Development (2008)
The seven promising practices in afterschool for math identified in the Afterschool Training Toolkit are as follows: Finding Math ;Math Centers; Math Games; Math Projects; Math Tools; Math Tutoring; and Family Connections. By “promising” practices, we mean recommended methods that have been observed to increase student achievement. Each practice is built on youth development principles and research on effective mathematics instruction. At their core, the Afterschool Training Toolkit materials are designed to illustrate techniques and activities that leverage student curiosity to make mathematics in afterschool both enjoyable and relevant. This guide provides professional development ideas for each practice.