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Philanthropic Support for Public Education in the Southwest Region: An Assay of philanthropy's potential to impact comprehensive school reform in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

About the Study
  * Introduction
  * The Study

What We've Learned So Far
  * Philanthropy for K-12 is Growing
  * Distribution of Funds is Erratic
  * Dollars Don't Necessarily Flow to the Greatest Need
  * Even Good Ideas can have Unintended Consequences
  * Philanthropy Starts at Home
  * Coherent, Strategic Initiatives Attract Support
  * Staff with Fund-Raising Responsibility Make a Difference
  * Conclusions

  * Appendix A and Appendix B

Credits and Reprints
  * Credits & Acknowledgements
  * Want a print copy? Please access the Portable Document Format (PDF) Version

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