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Tell us about your experience:

We would like to hear from you about your experience recruiting parents and community members from different cultural, minority and socioeconomic backgrounds. What do you think works well? What would you do differently?

Please share your advice with us and we will post it on the SEDL Web site. If we get enough responses, we may publish them in a future booklet. Thank you for your contribution.





Phone Number:          

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Tell us a little about your experience as a community organizer.




What strategies work best to recruit minority parents and community members?




Please share an example of a successful recruitment strategy which illustrates one of the seven steps in this guidebook.




Please send your comments by fax, email or mail to:

Suzanne Ashby
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
211 E. Seventh St.
Austin, TX 78701-3253

Office: 512-476-6861
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  Building Support for Better Schools
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