Knowledge Translation

Guides and Toolkits

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RUSH Toolbox (2009)
The RUSH Toolbox is a collection of tools and resources designed to assist researchers in creating or maintaining an integrated knowledge translation (KT) plan for high-quality disability and rehabilitation research. The RUSH toolbox provides access to information related to KT, dissemination, and utilization, including information about logic models.
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Dissemination Self-Inventory (2002)
The self-inventory is a planning tool designed to help those involved in research and development projects do a better job of bridging the gap between the creation of disability research outcomes and their use. The self-inventory asks a series of questions about your organization and your project plans. By answering the questions and using a simple rating scale, you can assess the effectiveness of your intended dissemination strategies, identify strengths and weaknesses, and revise your plans as needed. Following the questions, a scoring guide is provided with resources to help with dissemination planning.