Improving School Performance


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Implementation of New Educator Evaluation Systems: Lessons Learned (Webinar) (2014)
This interactive webinar examines the implementation of new state educator evaluation systems. Learn from the latest research and the experiences of other states as leading experts explore strategies and lessons learned. Gain insight into the issues state education leaders and policymakers should consider as they design, implement, and evaluate their new systems.
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Aspirations of Rural Youth Webinar (2013)
Research suggests that a majority of youth in rural areas want to continue their education beyond high school. Yet rural students often have limited access to the advanced coursework, college and career counseling, and other programs that can help them transition into postsecondary education or the workforce. The Aspirations of Rural Youth Bridge Event Webinar, hosted by the Regional Educational Laboratory Southwest at SEDL, examines research and initiatives related to the challenges and successes that rural schools and communities experience in supporting students in the transition to college and careers. The webinar took place Thursday, October 3, 2013.
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The Data-Informed District: Research on How Educators Use Data to Inform Practice (Webinar) (2013)
This webinar presented research on how school districts can use data more effectively to improve district, school, and classroom practice. Dr. Jeffrey C. Wayman, an award-winning researcher and education consultant, drew upon his study with Texas school districts to present five components of the Data-Informed District.
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Centers of Support: Assessing the U.S. Department of Education's Technical Assistance Program for ESEA Implementation (2011)
This webinar was held November 7, 2011, and discusses the U.S. Department of Education's technical assistance program for implementing provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The author of an independent national evaluation of the program presented the study's major findings, and participants in the webinar had the chance to ask questions and discuss key elements with state officials.