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Oklahoma Rural Schools Research Alliance: Data Inventory Overview (2014)

This document provides an overview of the Oklahoma Rural Schools Data Inventory, which is in a separate Excel spreadsheet available upon request. The data inventory includes information about data collected and maintained by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation, the U.S. Department of Education, and other organizations.

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Organizing Family and Community Connections With Schools: How Do School Staff Build Meaningful Relationships With All Stakeholders? (2005)
This strategy brief examines proactive strategies schools can use to help them build strong relationships with family and community.
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Overview of Providing Linguistic Accommodations to English Language Learners During Instruction: (Online Course) (2010)
This online module's primary goal is to expand educators’ knowledge of ELL linguistic accommodations, so that they will be better prepared to help students attain high levels of English proficiency and academic success. After completing this module, educators will be able to distinguish among the types of programs offered to serve ELLs in Texas; understand and describe the use of the Texas English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS); explain what linguistic accommodations are and why they are needed during classroom instruction; and describe what parts of the ELPS address the need for linguistically accommodating instruction.
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