REL 2002 Policy Forum

A Glimpse at Resource Allocation and Student Performance in the Southwestern Region

SEDL has recently completed a study of resource allocation and student performance in the Southwestern Region. In addition to a full resource allocation research report to be published in early 2003, SEDL's policy team compiled a summary of data useful to policymakers in the effective development and implementation of state policy in the SEDL region.

The summary includes data for all five states in SEDL's region on basic demographic characteristics related to districts and schools, student population, staffing, and accountability systems, as well as revenues and expenditures in each state. Also included in the summary are results from SEDL's study in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas indicating differences in spending between high-performing and low-performing school districts and effective school resource strategies identified by teachers in districts who have made steady improvements in student performance over time. The data were presented to policymakers at SEDL's annual regional forum.