Examples of our Research and Evaluation Work

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Welcome to SEDL's Research and Evaluation Services

Improving teaching and learning has always been at the heart of SEDL's work. But to do so, we need to know which strategies work best and in what settings.

Our Research and Evaluation department

  • conducts research
  • evaluates education programs

to determine what works in the field. We then use their findings to help improve education outcomes for schools, teachers, families, and children.


SEDL has a 40-year history of conducting research and evaluation and translating the findings into strategies and tools that educators can use in a variety of situations. The client services we provide encompass a diverse and balanced portfolio of work and include the following:

  • Formative and summative program evaluations
  • Data collection, including interviews, surveys, expert reviews, literature reviews, and observations
  • Data analysis
  • Support for randomized controlled trials
  • Technical assistance

We maintain a portfolio of rigorous research assessing to what degree education policies, programs, and practices addressing significant education problems are effective, for whom they work, and under what conditions they work.

We also maintain a portfolio of research and evaluation projects to provide relevant and timely analysis of information to make improvements in education policies, programs, and practices performance and attainment of outcomes of interest for schools, teachers, and students.

Finally, we provide education policymakers, researchers, school systems, program developers, and practitioners the information they need to make informed (evidence-based) decisions about education policies, programs, and practices.