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14 Cognitive Elements of Reading
- 1. Reading Comp.
- 2. Language Comp.
- 3. Background
- 4. Linguistic
- 5. Phonology
- 6. Syntax
- 7. Semantics
- 8. Decoding
- 9. Cipher
10. Lexical
- 11. Phoneme
- 12. Alphabetic
- 13. Letter
- 14. Concepts

Reading Assessment Techniques

Research Evidence

Using the Framework


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Lexical Knowledge

Visual Map of the Cognitive Elements of Reading Some words cannot be easily sounded out because they do not follow the conventional letter-phoneme relationships--a child who attempts to sound out words like one and two will not arrive at the correct pronunciation. For these "exception" words, the child will need additional information about correct pronunciation.

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