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Choosing a Company Site

The Teacher as Facilitator

This activity is set up in a Jigsaw structure-the student groups must break into research teams that examine one aspect of the problem, then return to their original groups to share their findings and put the entire "puzzle" together.

Successful work in the two groups will require negotiation, communication, reasoning and cooperation. The students will need to discuss mathematical concepts and ensure that they gather relevant data. Every student must join an expert group and research a topic. Without each member's contribution, comparisons will be incomplete and the group will not be able to make a recommendation.

Each group should present its findings in a meaningful way, and should be free to determine what methods-single speaker, written reports, visual presentations-to use.

The Advisory Groups should contain as broad a mix of students as possible so different interests and abilities can be shared. They will learn the importance of trusting team members and can call on the knowledge of the others. Together they create a larger and better picture of the site than they could alone.

By choosing an industry that is relevant to the community, the students can gather data from local sources. By enlisting community members to serve as the board of directors, you can emphasize the importance of mathematics to the work world.

Choosing a Company Site: A High School Mathematics Activity

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