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  Classroom Compass Volume 3, Number 2
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Resources and Opportunities From Benchmarks for Science Literacy Mathematical Fun

Recommended for grades 3-6, Logical Journey of the Zoombinis is a mathematics CD-ROM for Macintosh or Windows. A traveling band of Zoombinis, whimsical blue creatures with intriguing hair and eye variations, works its way through a series of mathematically puzzling adventures in its quest for a new homeland. Developers at TERC, an educational research and development center in Cambridge, MA, note that in its mathematical structure a Zoombini is similar to a record in a database, a base-5 number, and other mathematical objects such as a vector. The logical journey challenges the user to analyze data, apply logic, develop sets, categorize by characteristic, and think in mathematically relevant ways. Basically, however, the game is fun. The CD-ROM can be purchased by itself, in a lab pack, or in a school edition that includes a teacher's guide, tutorials, lesson plans, and transparencies. For price and ordering information, contact:

PO Box 6125
Novato, CA 94948-6125


The GEMS guide Learning About Learning for grades 6-8 presents 10 sessions designed to help students gain insight into their own learning. Students take the role of investigative scientists as they explore such concepts as health and safety, product testing, animal behavior, ethics, the nervous system, and the brain. A condensed version of one activity from this guide, "Learning a Maze," is presented on page 6. For price and ordering information contact:

GEMS (Great Exploration in Math & Science)
Lawrence Hall of Science University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-5200

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