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Previous Work October 2005 to September 2012

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Constructing Foundations for Success:

Implications of the National Mathematics
Advisory Panel Report



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Day 1 / JULY 28, 2009 / 12:15 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
Time Event


Registration and Luncheon


Welcome and Conference Overview
Presenter: Robin Jarvis, Program Manager, Southeast Comprehensive Center (SECC) at SEDL


Overview of the National Mathematics Panel
This presentation is an overview of the National Mathematics Panel (NMP) from the perspective of a key member of the panel.

Presenter: Russell Gersten, Center on Instruction
Speaker Introduction: Glenda Copeland, SECC


State Team Work Session
Participants will complete and discuss the State Team Planning Tool: Section A—Overview. Discussion will be facilitated by SECC state liaisons.

Facilitator: Concepcion Molina, SECC




Curricular Content
Participants will investigate details of the curricular content recommendations in addition to investigating deeper mathematics content. After a short break, they will form state teams to complete and discuss the State Team Planning Tool: Section B—Curricular Content. Discussion will be facilitated by SECC state liaisons.

Presenter: Concepcion Molina, SECC


Day 2 / JULY 29, 2009 / 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Time Event




Welcome and Agenda Overview
Presenter: Debra Meibaum, SECC


Learning Processes and Instructional Practices
This session will focus on NMPR findings and recommendations regarding learning processes and instructional practices. Participants will be given details on cognition, how students process information, and mathematics instructional practices. After a short break, participants will form state teams to complete and discuss the State Team Planning Tool: Section C— Learning Processes and Instructional Practices. SECC state liaisons will facilitate the discussion.

Presenters: Camille Chapman, SECC; Russell Gersten, Center on Instruction


Working Luncheon
Participants will work in role-alike groups to share perspectives about the implications of the NMPR recommendations for their roles and responsibilities in serving school districts in their states. SECC Mathematics Institute Planning Team members will facilitate.

Facilitator: Darlene Brown, SECC




Teachers and Teacher Education
This multi-topic session will deepen participants’ understanding as they work to apply the panel’s findings and recommendations concerning teacher knowledge and teacher preparation. Specifically, the session will provide participants with an understanding of the components of quality mathematics instruction, how to assess the extent to which those components are addressed in teacher preparation programs and professional development activities, and how this information can be used as a foundation for systemic and strategic reform of teacher preparation, support, and development.

Critical Foundations of Algebra and High-Quality Mathematics Instruction
This segment will focus on teachers’ knowledge of and practice in (a) mathematics content, (b) how students learn mathematical concepts including how to identify and address students’ misconceptions, (c) analyzing student work in mathematics, and (d) effective teaching strategies to bolster students’ mathematical problem solving and reasoning.

Presenter: Kristin L. McGraner, Vanderbilt University

Mathematics Innovation Configuration
This segment investigates the use of the Mathematics Innovation Configuration to assess the extent to which preparation programs are addressing essential components of mathematics instruction.

Presenter: Dan Reschly, Vanderbilt University

Preparing and Developing Effective Mathematics Teachers
This segment presents a systemic view of ensuring high-quality mathematics staff including how preparation, support, development, and certification are interrelated and can be addressed strategically for comprehensive reform.

Presenter: Tricia Coulter, National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality Facilitator: Maria Torres, SECC

After a short break, participants will form state teams to complete and discuss the State Team Planning Tool: Section D—Teachers and Teacher Education. SECC state liaisons will facilitate the discussion.


Collaborative Action: Preparing to "Take It Home"
In state teams, participants will identify the specific recommendations from the panel that will be implemented and develop an action plan for moving the ideas into action.

Presenters: Ed Tobia, SECC; Concepcion Molina, SECC

Day 3 / JULY 30, 2009 / 8:30 a.m.–11:45 a.m.
Time Event




State Panel—State Strategies in Support of the NMP Recommendations
A representative from each state education agency will report on strategies and actions that the state team is planning to make to implement specific recommendations of the NMP.

Panel discussant: Ed Tobia, SECC




Celebrating Our Commonalities and Differences: Implementation Plans
Participants will engage in an interactive session that shows how each unique participant can bring talents to a plan for effective implementation of the panel’s recommendations.

Presenter: Sandra Lindsay, SECC


Reimbursements and Evaluation

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