AL Internal Program Evaluation

The SECC will continue to provide support to ALSDE for the implementation of Plan 2020. Branching from the Plan 2020 project, this work will focus on building the capacity of the Research and Development section to plan and implement an internal program evaluation, with a primary focus on the Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI).

This project is in the following state: Alabama.

This project relates to the following ED Priorities:

  • Using data-based decision-making to improve instructional practices, policies, and student outcomes
  • Increasing the capacity of states to implement their key initiatives statewide and support the school-level implementation of effective practices



Previous Work Updates



There is no project activity to report for December 2015.


The ALSDE research staff has been charged with completing evaluation reports of the Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI) and the Alabama Math, Science, Technology Initiative (AMSTI) with a December deadline. SECC staff agreed to serve as thought partners and provide TA, as needed. SECC team members reached out to ALSDE during November to provide TA. SECC staff also worked to coordinate a second collaborative meeting between MDE and ALSDE research teams.


On October 2, a conference call was held with SECC and ALSDE research staff. During the call, SECC staff provided TA on the evaluation plan of the Alabama Reading Initiative. During a team call, SECC staff members discussed the future direction of the ALSDE/MDE Internal Program Evaluation Collaborative and how best to present the research topics that collaborative members have selected as topics of interest.


On September 1, SECC staff reached out to the director of the Research and Development (R&D) office of ALSDE via e-mail to offer TA. The R&D office has been charged to evaluate two statewide initiatives, the Alabama Reading Initiative and the Alabama Math, Science, Technology Initiative. During September, SECC staff served as thought partners with R&D staff members to discuss the design, methodology, and data elements available to complete the evaluation of ARI. In addition, ALSDE, SECC, and staff members of the Bureau of Program Evaluation from MDE held a joint conference call on September 22. SECC staff facilitated the collaborative conference call, and the purpose was to discuss and share evaluation experiences and methods used by ALSDE and MDE. Following the call, SECC staff provided evaluation resources and detailed notes to all participants on the call.