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Southeast Comprehensive Center: Rapid Response Details

Title:Web-Based State Longitudinal Data Systems
Request:A state department of education (SDE) served by the Southeast Comprehensive Center (SECC) has requested information on Web-based state data systems that can generate customized reports for stakeholders for analyzing student and school performance. The SDE also would like to identify any states that have Web-based data systems that guide school improvement planning through the retrieval of school data; multiyear, disaggregated student assessment data; and suggested resources for addressing areas in need of improvement. The requester is particularly interested in obtaining access to view other data systems, such as those in the states of Massachusetts and Iowa.
Summary:In response to this request, SECC staff queried a number of education research and dissemination organizations to obtain information on Web-based state longitudinal data systems. They also conducted Web and hand searches to obtain information. Details are provided below including search results, references, and a resource list that may offer additional information.
Download:Web-Based State Longitudinal Data Systems:
Web-Based State Longitudinal Data Systems


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