SEDL Services

SEDL offers technical assistance, professional development, and consulting services to improve school performance and conduct education research and evaluation. Our staff have the capabilities and depth to help you solve just about any education challenge.

Professional Development

We tailor our professional development services to your needs. As part of our Center for High-Performing Schools, our offerings deliver real-world expertise, best practices, and evidence-based solutions through a variety of options, including in-person and on-site sessions, online courses, webinars, blended learning models, and custom consultations.

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Center for High-Performing Schools

Through the Center for High-Performing Schools, SEDL partners with schools and districts to improve teaching and learning and produce lasting changes in organizational culture. Our professional development and long-term consulting services provide leadership teams and teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve and sustain their desired changes.

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Program Evaluation

We provide a variety of evaluation services to monitor and assess program implementation and effectiveness. Working with organizations from state departments of education to school districts to afterschool providers, we help clients keep programs on track to achieve the desired outcomes.

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Research and Evaluation Technical Support

We offer an array of research and evaluation technical support to build the capacity of policymakers and educators in measuring and understanding the impact of school improvement efforts. Our specialists assist clients in developing the knowledge, skills, and tools to make data-driven decisions on policy issues and to plan and implement effective education programs and initiatives.

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"In a school . . . where the administrators and coaches and teachers have not only met by departments but now are meeting across content areas, I can't tell you the richness of the conversations that are happening as a result of that, a real knowledge of what's happening and shared strategies across content areas."
District Leader, Georgetown County School District, South Carolina
on the results of working with SEDL to develop professional learning teams

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