STEM XXI Network: Exploring Partnerships and Strategies to Enhance 21st Century STEM Education in Texas and Beyond

Join forces with a community of STEM experts to address the issues surrounding STEM learning opportunities in informal and out-of-school programs in Texas and nationally.

What is STEM XXI Network?

The STEM XXI Network was founded by SEDL, IBM, Central Texas Discover Engineering, and the Thinkery. The STEM XXI Network is committed to enhancing the landscape of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teaching and learning in Texas. We are interested in exploring—with a collaborative group of other like-minded people—possible partnerships and strategies to improve STEM teaching, learning, and life experiences for Texas students.

STEM XXI Network 2014 Summit

As a first step, the STEM XXI Network hosted an invitation-only Summit on August 21, 2014 where diverse STEM stakeholders sought to increase understanding of the current landscape of STEM programs in Texas, to identify gaps, and to propose new partnerships and strategies for 21st century STEM education in Texas and nationally. The stakeholders included STEM experts, afterschool program leaders, teachers, administrators, industry leaders, and funders in Texas.

This invitation-only day of presentations, networking, and discussions focused on how innovative out-of-school time and informal learning programs strengthen STEM education in our schools and communities. At this event we discerned how we, as educators and enthusiasts, can join forces to improve STEM instruction and experiences for children and youth. Learn more about the event.

Presentations and Handouts


Keynote Speaker
Dave Wilson, Director of Academic Programs, National Instruments

Other Presenters and Panelists

  • Moderator Katie Kizziar, Associate Director of Programs, the Thinkery
  • Melanie Moore, Executive Director, KDK-Harman Foundation
  • Karen Siles, Software Engineer- Cloud Infrastructure Services, IBM
  • Tamara Hudgins, Executive Director, Girlstart
  • Stacy Avery, T-STEM Program Manager, Texas Education Agency
  • Katie Kizziar, Associate Director of Programs, Thinkery
  • Melissa Dodson, Director of Evaluation, SEDL


Article about the STEM XXI Summit by Rick McMaster in the MIT STEM Pals Newsletter, September 2014

Systematic Approach to STEM

Purpose of STEM XXI Network

Our purpose is to identify programs that provide high-quality STEM education, survey the scope and reach of these existing programs, and identify gaps in services for unserved or underserved student communities. We envision the creation of a systematic approach to STEM learning that includes all grade levels and addresses the needs of all stakeholders—students, families, schools, colleges and universities, and employers.

By bringing a diverse group of stakeholders together to increase understanding of the current landscape of STEM programs in Texas, we hope to avoid duplication, identify gaps, and propose new partnerships and strategies to address those gaps and strengthen STEM education in Texas and beyond.

Position Statement

The STEM XXI Network developed this position statement to describe our collective focus, definition of STEM, and commitment to addressing issues and developing strategies to enhance STEM teaching and learning.

Download our position statement.

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